Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Depression and How Can I Get Help for Depression

By Minnisha DeGrate

Initially I believed depression was just a made up excuse for people who allowed their emotions to consume them. However, the death of my father changed my entire outlook on life and this mental health disorder I once believed did not exist. I realized that if I wanted to go on with my life, I needed to learn how to battle depression. Since that time I have done extensive research and read many books on depression.

The signs and symptoms of depression include but are not limited to insomnia, frustration, mood swings, and a loss of appetite. Being able to recognize the symptoms in the early stages of depression will be a benefit to you and your treatment process. There is no one cause for depression this illness can be caused or provoked by other medical conditions as well.

More serious symptoms of depression are irritability in combination with mood swings and frustration. Hopelessness and a pessimistic outlook on life can also be contributed to signs and symptoms of depression. A loss of energy, intense fatigue, tiredness, loss of interest on hobbies and physical appearance are also symptoms of depression. Losing contact with loved ones and associates, basically cutting yourself off from the rest of the world.

Low self-esteem and a pessimistic attitude is also believed to be other causes of depression. Someone who has these traits are likely to have a negative outlook on life and constantly feel worthless and discouraged. Stress is also something that can invoke the onset of this mental health disorder. The pressures that we are forced to face in life can be so overwhelming they induce stressful situations.

Physical changes to your body can also cause the onset of depression such as weight gain or extreme weight loss. Chronic medical conditions like Parkinson's disease, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes can make the individual believe that there is nothing worth living for. When this happens it can delay the pace of recovery for the patient.

Although it is not clear what the exact causes of depression are, many health professionals agree that certain physical, emotional, and genetic traits can lead to depression. The one thing that is certain is that individuals suffering with this condition can face life altering changes as a result. As scholars continue to perform high quality research on mental health disorders, effective books on depression will continue to arise.

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