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There Are Various Types Of Depression

By James Hunter

It is an illness that is very difficult to understand. A person may find that they feel they are not themselves but not be able to tell exactly what it is that is wrong with them. There are various types of depression and the doctor will know which one it is that the person is suffering from. It is thought that stress can be one of the major factors which leads to the illness.

The main symptoms of the illness can be as simple as someone feeling really down and irritable. It can sometimes be impossible to discover a reason for the person feeling down. There is a chance that around a quarter of the population will develop some stage of the illness at sometime in their lives.

Feeling low is just one of the symptoms, others include a loss of interest in hobbies and things that used to be enjoyed by the person. A person may not be able to sleep as well as they used to or they may feel that they do not want to get out of bed in the morning. There could be problems with the sufferers appetite leading to weight loss. Work related activities may become difficult to focus on and they may not be able to make decisions. It could be that the person starts to avoid others and becomes very withdrawn.

To treat the illness various methods could be used, these range from discussing problems with friends or family or seeking a professional to discuss feelings with. Psychotherapy is the name given to talking through the illness. A doctor may decide that medication is the answer and will prescribe anti depressants. A mix of medication and psychotherapy could be used to help the sufferer.

To help to lift mood and relieve feelings of anxiety, exercise could be one of the solutions, going for a swim or attending the gym could be a way to make the person feel better. While suffering with the symptoms, alcohol should be not be taken as drinking will only make feelings worse. Staying active rather than thinking around problems will also help.

It can be difficult for family and friends to understand what is going on. It could be that they are the ones to notice that there is a problem. It may be that they have to persuade the person with depression to seek medical help. It is important that they listen rather than try to tell the person to cheer up or get a grip.

Major depression, dysthymic disorder and bi polar are three of the main forms of the illness. A very low mood which lasts for long periods of time are symptoms of major depression. An enjoyment of regular hobbies is lost due to the low feelings. Appetite can be affected which may result in lack of appetite or comfort eating. Dysthymic can leave the person with a feeling of being constantly depressed and this form can last for years. Concentration and appetite problems are other symptoms of the disorder.

Bi polar can include two stages. The sufferer can go between feeling manic and feeling very low. The manic state makes the sufferer feel irritable and they could have an increased self esteem or self importance. They could feel that they need to sleep for longer and they be more chatty than usual. Whichever types of depression the patient is diagnosed with, there is professional help available to deal with it.

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