Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Personal Development and Wealth

By Tony Robbin

Our quality of life depends principally on our personal development:

whether in finance, health, relations, career, somebody's success is proportional to its development and its involvement in this area.

French people say: personal development (developpement personnel in French) is a key to success.

If there is a part of your life that you're not satisfied with, it comes essentially from a lack of knowledge, or worse, incorrect information, what I call false beliefs.

For example , many of us believed their banker's speech "the stock market goes up over the long term".

This belief, true till 2000, is false ever since, and it made lost a lot of money to many people.

We have all got a belief system, and of course we all think that we are right, but if everyone thinks differently and everybody thinks he's right, then the majority of people are wrong ...

Personal development means to learn in all sectors of life that can affect us personally.

But most adults have stopped learning at the end of their studies ...

This is why most people are "stagnating", on the professional viewpoint, therefore financial field, but also apropos relationships, emotions and spirituality.

To stand on its convictions is encouraging, but the price to pay is to stagnate, or even become worse matched against those that are in a method of development, and also compared to human society that develops faster than the individual.

Being in a learning process is exhausting, this challenges our fundamentals and our certainties, but it makes us grow!

Your wealth, both money and relational, emotional and religious, will be proportional to your development.

It's a law of nature as reliable as gravity on earth.

In terms of money, the gravity is strong thanks to the banking system, that is the reason why it's so troublesome to become financially free.

Grow, learn, and you can finally free yourself from this yoke!

The world isn't a paradise where everybody is pretty and kind.

Life is completely full of joy, pleasure, contentment, but also of pain, suffering, injury.

What makes the difference, it isn't actually how we manage moments of happiness, but how we manage the difficulties of our life. It is at that point that knowledge and the mastering of tools are extremely useful!

As another sensible saying: "Learn as if you need to live for ever and ever Live as if one was to die tomorrow ".

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