Friday, April 06, 2012

The Psychology of Abuse and the Shock Afterward

By Charlie Toorchwood

Child abuse causes stress and other mental effects to any child. One effect of child abuse stress is the victim growing up to become abusers themselves or worse, becoming violent law breakers. Many wrongdoers who end up in prison are victims of child abuse due to their adolescence psychological injury. Child abuse situations cannot be undone. With counseling and visiting a psychological consultant, ways of coping can be learned to handle stress and depression caused by child abuse.

Some common psychological effects due to child abuse are alcohol addiction, drug dependance, anger management, and low to no self esteem. Psychological effects from child abuse trauma can be minimized with a bit of help from a psychologist and through counseling. Consulting a psychologist may help to lessen the feelings brought up by the memories of abuse, and in a few cases it can help to deal with the effects that have developed over an entire life.

Eliminating the effect of abuseIf either your better half or you are hurting your child, looking for a psychological specialist or couples counseling should be done straight away. You or a friend can experience temper management classes, parenting counseling, drug dependance and alcohol addiction treatments to help deal with the behavior challenges.

Forestalling the results of abuse.

If you have suffered child abuse in the past and have been struggling with its effects, you may wish to seek counseling which at times can help to address depression, uneasiness, grief, loss, and other types of behaviour challenges.

These counseling sessions may help you to learn the simplest way to reduce the effects that child abuse had on you or on the one that you love. Don't forget you've got to also know your limits and care for yourself. Work on creating a good network of family you can always rely upon

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