Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Few Things You Might Not Understand About What Your Blood Pressure Means

By Sheron Leinonen

When you go to the doctors and they check your blood pressure level you're going to find that they provide you with a diastolic pressure and systolic pressure and these are the two numbers that are provide. The systolic pressure is the force of your blood in your arteries whenever your heart beats. The diastolic pressure is the reading you receive when your heart relaxes, and this is the force that stays while your heart is relaxing.

Normal blood pressure can have a reading of 120/80 or lower and also high blood pressure could have a reading of 145/90 or higher. Something you're going to find is that when folks become older their blood pressure automatically goes up so it is not uncommon for somebody who's 70 years old to get the blood pressure reading of 145 over 90. If a particular person who's 72 years old has a blood pressure reading of 125/72, that is very good, so exactly what causes your blood pressure to increase? Something you ought to understand is that there are lots of different reasons that individuals can wind up with high blood pressure and one of these reasons is that these people are just not active.

For those of you that are searching for ways to decrease your blood pressure you will discover that going for a walk for about half an hour every day can keep your blood pressure levels lower. If you drink far too much alcohol, that will cause it to increase also and if you are a smoker, this can do exactly the same thing. You're in addition going to see that your diet can cause blood pressure and so can specific medications that your doctor may prescribe. If your blood pressure is way too high, you are susceptible to many troubles with your health as this can cause a stroke or perhaps a heart attack or even kidney disease.

High blood pressure is extremely hazardous to your health so it is vital that you check it regularly, particularly if you are older. You can get it checked for free at several pharmacies or you can go to your local fire department and they are going to check it for you. For individuals who are overweight and also have high blood pressure you're going to see that this can be even worse for you so it is important to drop the extra pounds if you can. Simply because you have high blood pressure does not mean that there are not ways that you could end up lowering this. One technique that some men and women use to lower their high blood pressure is to take certain medications prescribed by their doctors, but you have to realize that there are side effects with these kinds of medications.

Should you have trouble taking prescription medications, you are able to try to lower your blood pressure naturally and you are able to try eating golden flax seed. In relation to the flaxseed you're going to see that 3 tablespoons a day should do the trick and you can simply put this on different types of foods. For people who like celery, you're going to see that this can be one other way to cut back on your blood pressure levels.

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