Friday, April 20, 2012

How to Use Proven Stress Relief Techniques to Conquer Anxiety, Stress and Depression

By Greg Wilkins

Tension and anxiety are things that come along with daily life, and many people are able to handle their stress without medication. When we lose control of our stress level, it is common for us to become depressed and sometimes, even start to suffer from an anxiety disorder. The natural relaxation response of the human body is a powerful antidote to stress. Deep breathing and visualization are great ways to relax. Regular participation in these sorts of activities can help reduce the stresses of everyday life and help increase feelings of happiness and serenity.

With very little exception for nearly every person, life is full of stress. Stressful situations surround us daily both at home and on the job. People tend to worry more when exposed too much to things like work, lack of time, debt, family and relationship problems. People under stress are tense and are strained physically and emotionally. Stress can also cause problems like insomnia, tension headaches, problems with focusing, exhaustion, weight loss or weight gain, and stress can even suppress our immune system.

That means we certainly do need assistance as we practice relaxing our minds and finding serenity. If you're wondering what can be done about stress, just realize initially that relieving stress is crucial to the state of our health. To learn how to focus on your breathing, concentrate as you inhale and exhale. Positions you should consider when beginning your relaxation are either sitting, comfortably with you back straight or to lay down and again, comfortably-palms spread out flat on the floor or bed. Then, notice the air passing through your nostrils as you inhale deep-your lungs filling with air, you abdomen slowly expanding.

You should slowly exhale and focus on your abdomen as it slowly deflates and feel the oxygen exiting your nostrils. Take a deep breath. Breathing techniques are easy, convenient, and are known to help with stress. Deeping breathing is a technique that is simple to learn and it can be used nearly anywhere at anytime. Our stress levels reduce instantly.

Breathing is a great way to reduce stress and relax. To accomplish this, all that you will require is a few minutes and an area where you can stretch out. The key thing to remember about deep breathing is that it involves an increasing level of inhaled oxygen. An increase in oxygen will help relieve tension and anxiety. So remember, the next time you are feeling stressed, try to take a minute to slow things down and relax-breathe in deep and slowly exhale.

You must think positively and be optimistic for these stress relief techniques to work. Learn the way to appreciate life itself and all the people you know. Take less than give. It is important to care for friends and family. These relaxation techniques will help you to feel better about yourself and to show more care and concern to those around you. And of course, provide for yourself by eating healthy, sleeping soundly, and exercising often. And of course, let's not forget to always LOVE YOURSELF.

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