Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Depression: a message of good health

By Dr Wise


Should you have to feel a little brief depression, or a great depression, it's actually a healthy sign.


Well imagine you're in the mountains, and a danger sign warns you of the danger of a cliff.

What would you do?

Remove the sign or change direction?

The answer is plain, isn't it?

Yet most people, counseled by their doctor, opt for the solution to get rid of the panel.

Depression is really a cry of the body (and soul) that something is not right with your life, and that there's a pressing requirement to make a change.

This panel means danger ... Many people ignore it until they find a far bigger panel etc, etc. and they persist to go toward the cliff

Many doctors, and folks see depression as an illness, it would "cure" with substances.

But the drugs disposes of or reduces the message, but do not cure the cause (as most pharmaceutical drugs...)

The body and mind are like youngsters, when not listening to them, they roar louder, and they cry differently, to save you from the chasm.

Taking medicine when you are depressed, causes the body to express its message in an even stronger and more violent way, to get heard.

The feeling of depression is actually a good response, such as pain when the body hurts.

This is a signal that your body and your intelligence work well, in order to save your life.

The real message of depression is that if you change nothing, or worse, erase the signal with medication, your physical, emotional and mental fitness are at risk.

If you're depressed, it is insistent to make big changes in your life, whatever they are , as it can not be worse than your present situation.

If you don't have the solution yourself, call a professional.

Avoid drugs vendors (doctors) bad advice, it dilates the shortage of Social Security, increases the profits of drug conglomerations pharmaceutical giants, and all that kills you slowly.

Instead, choose a pro who will help you find the light within you, and help you redefine your method of life.

Because if you don't know exactly the Meaning of Your Life, you go in the wrong direction.

Depression is only the danger panel giving you a warning of the cliff you are heading to.

If you should happen to feel a slight depression, do not say it's nothing, it'll pass ...

It is the typical reaction of an ostrich!

Instead, take a little time to get the message, and make a change in your life.

Tell yourself that if you do not change anything, the message will come back, become stronger, more violent, possibly more depressing.

Find your trail of contentment, and thank the danger panel to make you change direction in time.

How to be happy coaching will be a useful guide to find your trail, one where you will be Sanctified and Happy passionately, intensely and durably.

It will give you a strategy to remain in perfect health, and say ciao to doctors and drugs, drug complications and sicknesses, sources of future illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

The word illness essentially means "Evil said"

Do not kill the messenger but hear him, find the cause, make a change to the root of malicious, and malicious will disappear.

It is much easier to remove a start, than an old plant.

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