Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reishi Mushroom: An Anti Anxiety Herb

By Brandon Daemon

In this piece, I am going to share with you how reishi mushroom has really helped me overcome and let go of the anxiety that I used to be troubled with through most of my teenaged years, as well as my early twenties.

So that's something I have lived with for a long while, and that was just when I started to do research on the tonic herbs, especially reishi, I found to be the best, because it's a kidney tonic, liver tonic, heart tonic and a lung tonic. But what was very crucial was the calming, relaxing anti-stress, just meditative effects that the herb had. Of course, it's an adaptagen, it is an immune tonic, it is a great liver tonic, so it does all these other things which, from the cellular level, help you to feel stronger, help you've got more energy, build better ATP, breathe better, have better oxygenation, which of course, causes you to feel better, makes your mood better, makes your psychological thoughts betterâ€"all those things. But especially in this context, the anti-stress, or the shen benefits of it really is what was actually conspicuous.

So shen, meaning in Chinese medication, shen would bring your heart up, so kind of your feelings, your intellect, your creativity, your nervous system, your consciousness, those are all what would be your "shen." Therefore reishi is the best shen tonic, meaning it helps to calm our anxiety, calm our nerves, calm our mind, and moreimportantly, help us really sort out and get to the root cause of the issue. Meaning, for me, reishi would help me think, "Okay, why am I anxious?" I'd actually start to question why, why am I anxious? What's the convincing worse that might happen? What am I afraid of? What in that situation is essentially worth me feeling so atrocious about? And sometimes, nothing.

Customarily, it's simply some fear or some fear of loss of control or something like that, which is really not that serious a deal and is actually an illusion in the 1st place. So that is what makes reishi so extreme, is that it can help us get to the roots of issues.

Whereas, most things that we want to do is say, "Oh, I've a problem, I want to take a drug." OK, well what we did is we took the issue that is coming up here and we just squashed it down and now we're just struggling it, and eventually, somethings going to give. The drug is going to give out and boom, the difficulty is going to be right back. But if we just say, "Okay, we need to first soften the difficulty, sort of loosen it up," so that's where reishi comes in and kind of lessens the anxiety, lessens the issues, gives us some relief, and then our job is to come in and say, "Okay, well, what is the root cause here? What's the problem? What's causing this situation?" From that viewpoint, reishi isn't like any other herb that I've ever taken, any other substance, any anti-depressant, any of those things, because those are all just burying things down and kind of putting a band-aid on it and making it look a little better. But unless we are basically happy to make the change and get to the root cause, we're not really going to be able to have a dependable alteration of improvement.

When it comes to taking herbs and additions for dealing with anxiety, I believe reishi is the best because it can provide relaxation and peace and truly soothe the nervous system, and also it can help us set our mind and our consciousness to address and get to the root cause of the problem, so we can basically let it go and move on with our lives to something higher and something more applicable for us.

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Herbs For Anxiety said...

The medicinal properties of reishi mushrooms have a legendary status. This helps to improve functioning of our whole body system, up regulating the immune system, and promoting blood circulation, metabolism, reducing fatigue, improving sleeping, etc. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...


I m from in Romania. I buy a mushroom tablets. how much time are effets? Thank you.

Unknown said...

I started taking reishi powder two weeks ago for depression and anxiety. My anxiety is worse, depression--negative thinking is worse. Feels like my skin is crawling when i wake up in the morning. Instead of feeling calm, like i wanted, it went the other way.

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