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Anxiety? No need to worry.

By Alexandra Williams

What is anxiety is a question asked by many people who tend to feel confused when trying to decipher the difference between this illness as it is seen and that of others. Is anxiety an illness - is it an ailment or is it a disorder - yes anxiety is classed as all three. Different stages denote whether it is an illness or a disorder.

Anti-depressants have an enormous affect on the chemicals in the brain thus changing the mood. Drugs as such are known to help anxiety sufferers to cope with their displeasures but what you have to remember is anti-depressants are not a cure they are there to help control the condition by dealing with the discomforts i.e. symptoms.

Anxiety treatments can be done through medications such as anti-anxiety drug, anti-depressants, and beta-blockers. Anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed for brief relief against anxiety attacks and it is also used to hamper anxiety's severe effects. Anti-depressants give the brain a boost to let it combat mind-paralyzing effect of anxiety. Beta-blockers, which are fondly used by performers to deal with stage fright and "weak" knees, are good combatants against physical symptoms of anxiety.

However, in the UK the one in ten people that suffer from anxiety are cases of severity where the anxiety interferes with their normal daily lifestyle. Excessive anxiety is notably directed or associated with many other psychiatric conditions, like depression. Anxiety is without doubt considered abnormal when the signs or symptoms hang around longer than necessary - in other words prolonged.Another strong cause behind prognosis of severity is when the anxiety bouts develop to a stage where it takes hold over on how you live your life - once again meaning how it interferes with day to day activities.

If this being the case then those anxious events is classed as an anxiety disorder - where medical treatment is needed.The physical symptoms of anxiety are identified by how the brain sends signals to other parts of the body preparing for a fight or flight reaction. The human brain releases stress hormones, which includes adrenaline. Common symptoms that can occur are: abdominal discomfort, rapid heartbeat or palpitations, dizziness, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, dry mouth, tightness or pain in chest, frequent urination or finding it difficult to swallow.

Depression can be a very disturbing mind meddler where lack of control and concentration is lost, due to how it interferes with your well being leaving you feeling low and in some cases at an all time low when in desperation a patient can end up harming themselves

A proven therapeutic method practiced the whole world over for many people with health concerns is Yoga, surprisingly not many people are aware of the benefits that yoga has to offer. It is known with out doubt to ease the mind and has the ability with certain moves to ease physical pain (depending on the condition) If you feel there are no answers behind why your anxious moments erupt and that it is time for a paracetomal, then think again, are you doing more arm than good.

Some types of anxieties are closely associated with physical illnesses which - can be a thyroid disorder. If treatment takes place for whatever the diagnosed illness is, then the anxiety can improve over time.

An early grave has been the answer for many a sufferer who found coping alone with anxiety caused more pain and heartache than actually dealing with it. Are you a sufferer of the type of anxiety that leaves you feeling life is not worth living or wishing you were dead if so I urge you to rise from the grave in your thoughts and seek help. You are not alone and with the right help and medical attention you can enjoy the experiece of feeling on top of the world rather than six feet under.

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