Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Anxiety Cures Natural: An overview

By Aareelitha Firelone

In this article we shall discuss "Anxiety Cures Natural." But, let us first get familiar with the clinical term "anxiety". People suffering from anxiety disorder are usually not able to sustain themselves of the pressures of corporate environment and are quite tensed even in trivial matters of their personal life.

In the list of "Anxiety Cures Natural", we need to prominently mention passionflower. Passionflower (botanical name: Passiflora incarnata) has immensely effective in controlling anxiety. In fact, two clinical studies that tested the efficacy of passionflower in treating anxiety are of the view that they are effective as benzodiazepine drugs. We need to always mention bodywork in the list of "anxiety cures natural." The patient will be given different types of body massages to soothe his stressed nerves and body.

Mind-body techniques should also be mentioned in the list of "Anxiety Cures Natural" Anxiety patients need to find an outlet to their negative energies. So, these people are asked to practice yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. Valerian is an effective herbal remedy prescribed to people with mild anxiety disorder. It is also included in the list of "Anxiety Cures Natural."

Aromatherapy is an effective relaxing technique in which the patient is subjected to essential oils and their oil baths. The essential oils that can be included in "anxiety cures natural" include jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, and rose. Other natural cures for anxiety include pantothenic acids, vitamin B complex, Calcium, magnesium, and Gamma-amino butyric acid.

Since all the mentioned natural cures are worthy, one should choose the one that best adepts to ones needs. Anxiety patients should first try all these effective "anxiety cures natural" rather than psychiatric medications since they have many harmful side-effects.

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