Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Depression Can Get The Better Of You Without These Tips

By Andy McDonald

If you fall into a depression due to a medical condition, did you know you can make that condition worsen by dwelling on it? It is a double edged sword. Learn below how to shake yourself out of depression due to being diagnosed with a medical condition that is horrifying, contagious or even life threatening.

To combat depression, try to fit some physical activity into your daily routine. While finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult, your body produces natural mood-lifters called "endorphins" when you work out. Whether you take a walk, jog, or just do some jumping jacks during a commercial break, you can boost your mood naturally with a bit of exercise.

To optimize your healing process when depressed, make whatever small efforts you can manage as often as possible. Focus on things that make you happy and keep you engaged and avoid stressors. Something as simple as walking in a place you like or calling a supportive friend is all it takes to give yourself some much-needed encouragement and relief.

Staying socially active is crucial to overcoming depression, and yet many people feel like they do not have the energy to engage or worry that they will bring others down. If these reasons make you reluctant to socialize, then seek out a support group of like-minded people; not only will their familiar setbacks and needs make you feel at ease, but they can also provide you with valuable tips on how to cope in normal social settings.

Know the symptoms of post-partum depression, and make sure that your partner does, too. While some "baby blues" are normal after giving birth, post-partum depression is a serious yet common illness that can benefit greatly from professional help. Your partner can help you watch for signs that you need some help, as you may not be able to see the situation clearly yourself.

Medication from a doctor may not always be the right answer in dealing with depression. A poor diet that is not rich in vitamins can be a cause as well, so by medicating you're not getting rid of the root problem. Try getting a vitamin supplement and start there. B vitamins are proven to help with depression, as well as many others so maybe your answer is in your diet!

To be ready for the next time you need a mood boost, make a list of things that will cheer you up, and put that list in one place. Include things that cheer you up, like your favorite movies, books or CDs. Or write down little activities to do, such as talking a walk or working on a project.

Create a social environment for yourself in which you don't have to constantly think of the negative effects of life. Call your friends together for an outing or gather family members for a social event. This helps you keep your negative and depressive attitude in check while also surrounding yourself with positive people.

When depression sets in, it's time to reevaluate your priorities in life. Some people think they cannot be happy without a lover, a ton of money, a new house, or any number of other things. Realizing that you can be happy with who you are, and where you are, in life can have a very powerful effect.

Never feel as though you have to battle depression alone. Turn to your friends, family, church and other outlets for support and help in finding a professional who can treat your illness. There is no glory in battling depression by yourself, and your loved ones will not mind providing a shoulder for you to lean on when times get tough.

The next time you are feeling mildly depressed, try to just laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine, as there is a strong connection between laughing and calming endorphins being released by your body. Watch a funny movie, laugh with a friend, or visit a comedy show. You might find that your depression disappears before you know it.

So, hopefully you have found some useful information on dealing with your depression. By following the tips discussed above, you can at least get some relief until you can get to a doctor, or maybe it has helped you enough to where you can get on with your life. Keep your head up!

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