Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dawn Light Therapy (SAD Light Boxes)

By Janine Armstrong

Last wintertime my partner was exhibiting all the apparent signs and symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the lack of energy, feelings of depression, anxiety and also a common non enthusiastic strategy to life. Rather than making an analysis on her behalf, I managed to convince her to check out the physician just to check there wasn't anything much more sinister going on.

Soon after one consultation, it was confirmed that she did indeed have the horrible winter blues, but we had been also given superior, informed guidance about what to do next, and indeed how to treat this seasonal depression. 1 factor my partner was adamant she didn't want to do was go down the "happy" pills route, so together we started to appear for an option, non-medicated avenue, which in turn led us to the Ultima SAD Light Box.

Not the cheapest Light Box in the marketplace, but the Ultima SAD Light Box has worked wonders in improving my partner's condition. As the least heavy and brightest of light SAD boxes readily available to date, it is possible to literally put it inside the corner of a room and allow it to shine with maximum effect. Unlike the smaller lamps, there isn't any need to sit directly in front of it to absorb the light, so you are able to get on with doing factors like reading, or sewing, as inside the case of my partner.

Smaller light boxes also require longer periods of use, but inside about twenty minutes the Ultima Light Box has served its purpose and might be turned off until the following day.

As a treatment for SAD, the Ultima Light Box has been absolutely nothing short of a marvel in improving and alleviating the symptoms that my partner had been living with for so long. As I said earlier, it could not be the cheapest, but for us, as a family members, it has been worth just about every single penny. I honestly thought SAD Light Therapy was a swindle, but it really makes an improvement to people's everyday life.

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