Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pamper Yourself To Reduce Your Stress

By Owen Jones

Stress is the number one killer in the West, although it rarely appears on death certificates. Stress causes other diseases like high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks and headaches to mention but a few. Stress can also be debilitating, because when some people are stressed about getting something correct, they begin to panic, and have less chance of doing that job well.

Stress, then, can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, heart disease and an early death. Funnily enough though, some people can use stress to enhance their performance. Here I am talking about actors and top business people, for instance. These are people who have learned how to channel stress into a useful force.

But how do they do that? That is not easy to say, because what works for one individual does not work for others. Means that some people use are exercise in a gymnasium and active sport such as golf and swimming.

Other people use hot baths, showers, Jacuzzis, massage and saunas. Some people combine both techniques. Say, a workout followed by a sauna or a massage. However, if you cannot stretch to that, a good tip is to get out of our workplace in your breaks. Fifteen minutes might not seem long, but use it to walk around areas on site where you do not usually go.

When you get longer time off, say in your lunch hour, then you could have a shower or even a massage for thirty minutes. Or a swim, especially if your company offers the facilities.

If this is not possible, then a massage or two a week is a good idea. Some of the best massage techniques are Shiatsu and Thai massage. Thai massage is more aggressive than Shiatsu and takes some getting used to, but you can always tell the masseur to tone it down a bit in the first few weeks until you can take the full Thai massage.

Another way of pampering yourself is the use of aromatherapy. You may think that aromatherapy is a new idea, but it ha been used in religion for thousands of years. In fact the modern church still uses aromas in order to create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

There are many types of aromas that will bring on different states of mind. There are stimulants and tranquilizers to accommodate every occasion, but it does take experience or practice to find out what suits you, because people are different.

Another way of taking care of yourself if to create a beautiful environment in which to spend your spare time. A garden is the first way of going about it and a patio or deck is a way of enhancing your enjoyment of your garden. Holidays are another way of pampering yourself in order to reduce stress, but what most people do not understand is that it is not necessary to go far or for a long time.

Try going thirty miles to a jazz festival and staying over night. In fact, that is a requirement, you must stay over night and let some one else cook your breakfast and clean the towels after your shower. I promise you, you will not regret it.

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