Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Learning To Effectively Handle Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms

By Anna Baker

Cymbalta is a prescribed medicine used to treat depression, fibromyalgia and other conditions. The medication can be given to adults and has been granted FDA approval. Cymbalta does have complications and risks as any medication and should not be stopped suddenly. Suddenly discontinuing the medication can cause Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms that may be quite harsh in some people.

Withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced when suddenly stopping Cymbalta include giddiness, mood instability Dysarthria insomnia, dehydration, an increase or decrease in weight, loss or gaining of weight and many others. Each person is different and many experience all, some or none of the withdrawal pains. They also are likely to come and go and can vary in intensity from person to person. If the symptoms become intolerable, seek the notice of a medical facility immediately.

Some people have Cymbalta withdrawal to the extent of wanting detox to help them on the way. The detoxification process is sometimes within a hospice or rehabilitation center with trained medical staff there to monitor and assist you 24 hours every day. Detoxification customarily lasts approximately one week, but can be quite longer for some patients.

This is commonly not the case, but never hesitate to get the help that is needed. Withdrawal problems are no laughing matter and trained pros are there to be sure that you make it through the tough process.

The best way to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms is to make sure that you gradually discontinue taking the medication. If you are ready to quit talk with your doctor who can set up the process. Several factors will be used to pinpoint the length of time you'll need before completely stopping the drug. This time period can fluctuate from two weeks to 1 or 2 months, after which time you should be able to stop without withdrawal symptoms or complications.

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