Thursday, September 08, 2011

Panic Attack Remedies and Symptoms

By Adam Rise

Research suggests that one in every three Americans are suffering with some form of panic or anxiety disorder. It is estimated around the world, around seventy five million people are suffering from attacks. Unfortunately, those numbers do seem to be on the increase. But it's not just affecting Americans.

Symptoms can be different for everyone. If you believe you might have a problem, it is always best to consult your doctor. That may or may not involve prescription medication, it may involve therapy or using simple relaxation techniques. You might be right, then you must discuss with your doctor, which panic attack remedy might be best for you. A professional diagnosis is also important in order to dismiss the possibility of any other medical disorders.

So what are the symptoms? There are many, the most common seem to be hot and cold flushes, dizziness and the heart suddenly beating really fast. Panic is a natural reaction to anxiety and stress, and there is very little to make the body physically respond more quickly. Sometimes, the person having the attack might even think they are going to die. They can become over anxious and have problems trying to breathe. In the natural world it is known as the 'fight or flight' response, and it effects both animals and humans. When the body senses danger, chemicals begin to flow, making the heart beast faster.

These physical responses are to prepare us, to either stay and fight, or take flight, when a threat is sensed. Exercise works for many people, even if it's only because of the distraction, it will only do good.So what is the best way to stop panic attacks when it gets out of control? Well that depends on the individual. Changing your diet could be a good start. Stick to healthy, nutritious meals and try to stay away from caffeine, sugar and energy drinks. Anything that could cause tension. Keeping calm and finding a way to release built up anxieties is important.

Lowering stress levels is the key. In today's world we all know that eliminating it entirely is an impossibility. But there are lots of ways to relax, both the body and the mind. Many Holistic and alternative treatments can be beneficial for many sufferers. Sometime several drugs might be prescribed before the right one is found.Discovering the cause of the anxiety is also an important factor when looking for a long term, permanent solution to the problem. Cognitive behavioral therapy and medication are often an effective resolution for lots of people.

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