Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Overcome Break Up Depression

By Clay Andrews

Break up depression is something that could leave you dazed and confused. Depending on how intense the relationship was you could be suffering from break up depression for a long while. Although you may feel as though everything is doomed, that's not really the case. People usually bounce back from most trials thanks to their resilience.

You could ask for help from a councilor to deal with your break up depression. Your counselor will not only help but could also point out a psychiatrist who will provide you with medication for depression. This is actually one of the most plausible methods you can do in order to cope although it may seem a little scary at first. You can also deal with break up depression by reconnecting with friends and family members. It is good for you to surround yourself with positive energy coming from people who value you in their life. It would be easier for you to move on if you can't see any reminders of your sadness. One way to ensure that there will be no reminders of the relationship is by boxing all the materials that remind you of your ex. Of course, you should only do this when you are emotionally ready.

Keep in mind that rushing the process is not a good thing. You might find yourself doing something stupid like drinking until you puke or hooking up with someone you can't remember in the morning.

The thing is that you should be focusing on something more productive even as some people may find what you're doing understandable. Getting some physical activity is another way to break out of break up depression.

An exercise would really help although you may not think so. The depression could actually be alleviated thanks to all those endorphins. Also, make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle with eight hours of sleep each night.

You may be eating more processed foods right now but it would be better for you to eat healthy. Lastly, you shouldn't be blaming yourself. These things happen with the involvement of both people.

Move on and forgive your ex as well as yourself. You'll soon be dating again. You don't have to enter a relationship immediately so don't get pressured by other people. You're the only one who knows what you want.

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