Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clinical Signs of Depression

By Hannah Thompson

Do you regularly feel sad and lonesome? Are you feeling it's like the whole world is against you? Do you feel like you are carrying a heavy load on your shoulders? If yes, then when are the instances that you feel depressed and what do you usually do when you feel so depressed?

Depression is a condition of unhappiness and low mood which leads to an aversion to do any activities that will affect a person's thoughts, feelings, attitude and physical and mental state of contentment. Sometimes, this kind of mental problem is a common result from grief or any events that might be tragic and traumatic to an individual person. According to several psychotherapists, there are a few manifestations of depression.

Here are the manifestations of depression. Physically, when somebody is severely depressed, that person typically loses a lot of weight. This is thanks to the fact the person is not able to eat. Also, if the individual is depressed, the individual may experience difficulty sleeping, which is most typically called insomnia. Fatigue is another very common symptom of this sort of psychological problem. Similarly, the person most often has low feelings of mood, often characterized by crying and mourning.

Furthermore, the person will tend to isolate his or herself from people in their circle of friends and society as a whole. You will be able to identify that the person is severely depressed if she or he manifests frequent blank stares and that individual is not able to function well in his daily activities.

A Vancouver relationship counsellor said that one technique of relieving depression is through cognitive behavior psychotherapy. In this kind of psychotherapy, there are plenty of activities that may help a depressed person rebound from this difficulty, particularly the individual is taught the simple way to cope with depression and shift their attention to some other stuff rather than moping and being in a condition of grief.

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