Saturday, September 24, 2011

Five Factors That Should Inspire You To Defeat Depression

By Benjamin Rowe

Family is the first factor, and it can be difficult for the people whom you love the most to see you in so much pain! On one hand they want nothing but the best for you, but on the other they sometimes get frustrated and wonder why you can't simply snap out of it. And the worst effect is manifested on the children, who may see depression as normal and follow in your footsteps soon enough. As a mother who went through the throes of postpartum not too long ago, I am speaking from experience when I say think of the children if you have kids when trying to fight depression.

Work. Work life generally suffers when in the throws of depression. This condition can turn you into a zombie in the workplace, or worse, turn you into a rabid werewolf ready to bite somebody's head off - may it be a colleague or client - if they say something you don't like. Moreover, it makes self-starting virtually impossible. Rather than moving forward, maintaining the status-quo becomes more acceptable, even if only unconsciously.

Your love life stands to suffer. And that, my friends, is an understatement when it comes to depression. Regardless of how much somebody loves another person, if that person keeps seeing the storm clouds rather than the rainbow after the rain, this can be stressful on the relationship. Life is short, right? Love conquers A WHOLE LOT, but it doesn't conquer everything. Sometimes we must add internal fortitude to love to truly be invincible. Besides isn't it better to fight, not just for you, but for this person that you love as well?

Your health may suffer. If you don't believe this, then believe the studies - the proof is all in the pudding, as expert research indicates that mental and physical illness is a greater risk for people who are depressed. Fight your depression and your health will exponentially improve - trust me. If you still refuse to believe me, then the Big Apple's venerable New York Times has indeed published an article citing a recent study that shows people who are depressed go to hospital more frequently and - be prepared for this - die younger.

Prosperity. People who suffer from depression lack limpidity in their everyday thoughts, therefore leading to gazillions of missed opportunities that could potentially improve their quality of life. The reason why this is the most important reason for you to break out of your slump is because human beings, by nature, believe that they can live better lives if they can improve one part or another of their lives, may it be past or present. If you let nature take its course and allow good things to happen to you, this just might give you the wake-up call you need to snap out of depression and see the world in rose-tinted glasses again.

Your life can benefit in so many ways if you fight depression. We believe this fight can be rewarding at the end of the day. Remember that there are so many people who went through the same thing as what you're going through (myself included), and since I decided to fight depression I've been happier and more contented, and so have the people whom I care about, the people who care about me.

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