Monday, September 26, 2011

Near Death

By Mago P Bonanza

Nowadays, our life has been in a rapid change. And simply because of these sudden changes, many of us aren't able to catch up on it quickly and caused some people to experience a near death phenomenon. Near death experience comes in several understandings. This sort of phenomenon is normally told right after the announcement of the time of death of a patient. Many of you might be actually here looking for findings relating to this mysterious phenomenon but slightly some are actually here to know a little something about this as they themselves are in a circumstance wherein most people couldn't dare to be in their place. They want to escape from the reality because they are struggling. Why are they like that? It is simply because they lack God's love in their hearts.

How To Evade Thoughts Like Near Death

Thinking of or experiencing things that are related to near death shouldn't come across your mind. Forget about the hardships and loss which you are encountering. Always bear in mind that with God, nothing is impossible. God will provide. Each and every challenge in our world is a gift. We just need to have to accept those things and deal with it with Him by our side wholeheartedly. You just need to seek guidance, ask for His power and ask for His grace. Follow His words and live with God. Then you will see that each and every challenge in life is a gift for a better future.

God has put you to where you might be for a reason and has given you the abilities necessary create a difference in the world not through a near death situation. Do your best and then leave a trail that others can follow. To tell you the truth, I'm weak but my God is powerful, I don't have all but I have Him. Though I'm tired, I know He's not tired of loving me, and so He is to you. And that's enough inspiration for me to face each day because I'm just someone imperfect but Loved by a perfect God.

Have You Experienced A Near Death Sensation?

Life is so fantastic. Do not ever think about experiencing a near death phenomenon and what it looks like. Think about your loved ones, buddies, brothers and sister, men and women who're at your back wanting to help and give you support as much as possible. Do your very best and evade things like near death and I'm pretty positive God will do the rest. Dedicate it to God and you'll see that the impossible is made possible. Impossible isn't a word but an action not tried.

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