Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Choosing the Right Treatment for Anxiety Attack

By Beth Kaminski

It is very important to select a best way of treatment to control the anxiety attack that you have. if not it will ruin your life and it will become a fear factor which will spoil your routine life and will turn you in to an introvert when you will like solitude and hate to go to public places, There are so many treatments available today and given below are some treatments that can be selected.

Traditional medication - Doctors choose serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI and selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SSNRI to treat patients with anxiety attacks. If this doesn't suit then an alternative of benzodiazepines is given. This medication considerably minimizes the frequency of attacks. beta-blockers such as propranolol are prescribed to treat any physical symptom if any. Tablets which minimize depression like imipramine is prescribed to treat them. These tablets bring unwanted side effects so people rather go for natural medication.

Herbal medications - So many herbs are available today to treat these anxiety attacks. Rural people prefer passionflower to treat this and it decreases the anxiety caused by various reasons. This can be better compared with benzodiazepine. Valerian also a good herb which reduces worries and cures insomnia.Kava which came from Polynesia is best to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. his medicine even though is natural it has got some side effects that does not harm you more but still proper guidance from a medical practitioner is necessary before taking it.

Psychological therapies - These cognitive and behavioral therapy are both for people who are expecting and people who has other medical problems like sugar and BP.The cognitive therapy focuses on the patients thinking pattern and encourages the patient to think positively. The other therapy behavioral therapy aims on making the patient handle the symptoms with much confidence, because there are patients who are more afraid of the indicators than the attack itself.

Diaphragmatic exercises -These are breathing exercises that helps the patients who suffer from these attack. Breathing in make you feel a calm inside and the fear factor is alleviated in it, Doing this properly will reduce the symptoms and prevent the intensity of this attacks. This will relieve you to some extent. Some people feel relaxed when they start visualizing some places or event that they like. If this works out well then this technique can be used to reduce the attacks.

Yoga and Tai chi techniques -These are the methods which is followed to give you mental peace,It is not a simple exercise it benefits you a lot by relaxing both your mind and body thus make you feel more assured. Movement and balance are both necessary for this exercise and it relieves your stress and calms you totally which will reduce the occurrences of these panic attacks.

If there is a place near you where these methods are followed go and do it along with the other people there, because associating with others will help you to feel at ease and make you relax more thus preventing or reducing the frequency of attacks

Alternative medicine -there are also alternative treatments if you do not find anything else that works effectively for you. Hypnosis is one of the options. The process is kind of similar to cognitive therapy. It aims to alter one's train of thoughts about anxiety attacks. Acupuncture is another alternative. Pins will be inserted into key points in the body to improve blood flow. This helps in making people feel more relaxed.

It is very important to know that each person is different and the method which works well with a particular person might not work for another person even if the ailment is the same , People who have other medical problem should be more alert and cautious and should consult a medical professional before selecting a treatment for these panic attacks.

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