Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sources Of Anxiety

By Brent Copeland

Are you trying to find out the possible causes of anxiety? Then first be ready to go through a anxiety attack when you discover that some of the causes are causes by factors such as brain function, chemistry, heredity, type of personality, past experiences etc.

We do not have control over the situations in life. So also we cannot control or determine our personalities or how our brain functions or even the genes that we inherit as a part of our personalities. But certainly what we can control is not he situations themselves but our reactions to the situations.

Panic attacks are treated with medication. To prevent attacks also doctors give certain tablets to the patients. Since the tablets work with the brain chemicals, people believe that brain chemistry is one of the causes of such anxiety attacks.

This ailment could be running in your family. A check of family history will reveal if any of your parents, uncles or aunts, grand parents or other family members are suffering from this condition, then you may be certain that it is running in your family and hence you have inherited the same.

Doctors believe that certain types of personalities and their characters could be responsible for the panic attacks in such people. We come across many cases where individuals are highly neurotic, hyper sensitive, over stressed and others who suffer from loss of identity, self-esteem etc who are frequented by panic attacks on daily basis.

It has also been seen that where children have suffered from anxiety and panic early in their childhood, have grown up with problems related to low self esteem, loss of identity etc.

Along with the personality characters, life's situations that one faces also contribute to anxiety and panic attacks. If one is exposed to unhealthy situations like drug abuse, emotional abuse, poverty etc such cases also add to the problem.

People who are into drugs are prone to develop this disorder. Those who use regularly LSD, amphetamines, or Ecstasy become nervous wrecks and suffer from high level of panic and anxiety. Doctors also believe that in certain cases even small amount of caffeine consumed through coffee can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

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