Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Prevent Panic Attacks with Three Easy Steps

By Paul P. Petriccione

Affected individuals are more and more searching for natural techniques to stop panic attacks. There are several causes of this, but one of the many ones is that the standard drugs dispensed to regulate anxiety and panic attacks involve some horrible negative effects, like addiction concerns. And in any case, a lot more people these days just happen to would like to use natural treatment plans wherever possible.

There are herbal as well as other such natural home remedies of course, but in this article you'll discover 3 easy steps you can choose to use help stop panic attacks or, at the minimum, decrease their intensity and length.

The first step, on how to stop panic attacks, is to understand that panic or anxiety attacks cannot harm you. The signs and symptoms you experience are merely the effect of your own body's natural defense mechanism mistaking a period of high anxiety being a warning that you are at risk.

The other step could be to control your breathing. What to avoid here are getting shallow, short, fast breaths. You have to take control by regularizing your breathing; slow, rhythmical breathing, in using your nose and out of the mouth. This will help to re-balance your body's oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio that will start then to reduce a few of the signs of the attack.

The final step is going to pay attention to external issues and things and not your signs and symptoms. This is really essential because by studying your symptoms, you have into a vicious cycle that may prolong your attack and also help make your signs and symptoms seem worse.

Now, a key concern, not provided above due to its complexity, is how you can get rid of your conscious or subconscious anxiety about panic attacks. So, for the information within the unique 'Panic Away' system that has been used by over 60,000 folks around the world to assist them to stop panic and anxiety attacks and break out of their anxiety cycle, make sure you click here: how to stop panic attacks.

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