Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kick Depression by Writing

By Lin Zhong

Depression is not a happy place. I should know, I've been through it. But if I've overcome it, it is possible for you to too. Depression sucks because it can really mess with your mind. Depression serves the purpose of making you figure out your life purpose or getting over past obstacles. The reason that I got over depression was due to the fact I figured out why I was depressed, identified what I could change and left alone what I could not, and came out of depression for the better. I know depression is most likely the worst feeling you've ever had, you just continuously really feel inadequate, want to convince your self out of it, but just can't. Looking back on those times, I realized that what helped me the most was writing. It helped me truly face the tough questions in life, and looking back on what I had written, I truly became a changed person. I'm nonetheless me, but a version that was way stronger.

The best approach I've found to get over depression is to look at your life from another person's perspective as neutrally as possible. In case you are often thinking, oh I should have completed this, why didn't I do this, you are performing some thing unnecessary. If you could have changed it, you need to do some thing else, thinking and beating your self up from it won't help. Let it go. I used to be why, but then when I realized that no one else really cares about me as much as I do, I let go, did some things I thought was crazy at the time, but felt way better and people even started to like me a lot more for just being who I am. It might be difficult at first, but looking at yourself from another person's shoes as a kind family member or friend might help.

unless we put it on paper, we will only be thinking about it from our perspective and not anyone else's. However, writing down what you feel in one column and then writing down what caused it (in a relatively neutral light) will help you more than simply writing down your feelings. It took me a long time to grasp that my feelings, however real to me, is not the full reality, it was just my interpretation of reality.

When you start writing and start reading back on your entries, you'll see patterns. You are going to see what you think about most often, and how you color your thoughts on scenarios. Having a journal will offer you perspective, and is really valuable whenever you possibly don't have a buddy to turn to whenever you are feeling depressed.

Writing was an important part of me overcoming my depression. Through it, I was able to identify what made me depressed and did what I had to do to change it or to let go. I personally owe a huge deal to my growth to writing. A diary may be your best bet in conquering your inner fears, I know it was for me.

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