Monday, October 03, 2011

Is It Worth It To Use Exercise As A Tool For Eliminating Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

By Shawn Towson

If your anxiety and panic attacks are making you feel extremely lonely, you are certainly not alone. There are millions of people out there that are suffering from this terrible affliction and feeling alone in their world of constant anxiety is easy to do for them.

I felt the same exact way for a long time in my life as I struggled with extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I was convinced that I was going to die all the time and it took me a very long time to finally realize that I wasn't. I felt at my worst though when I would try to explain the terrifying thoughts to other people, and it was easy to tell that they just didn't get the whole thing with me being anxious.

And forget about explaining how I would end up at the hospital with anxiety so bad that I thought I would die. It wasn't long before I became convinced that there were things medically wrong with me that were making me feel so ill all the time. And the part that I hated the most was that I kept thinking that if I didn't die from an actual attack that I would die from the stress of it all.

The reason that I kept going while struggling with the anxiety is because of my great doctor who explained to me that I was fine, other than some generalized anxiety. In order for him to diagnose this I got some blood work done which ruled out other serious conditions that I may have had that could have made me feel so awful.

I liked knowing that my fears of having a serious medical condition were false, but it still meant that I would have to deal with extreme anxiety so often in my life. I started exercising a little bit and it actually helped to use up some of my nervous energy, which made me feel a little bit more calm on most days. I wasn't cured yet, but I was on my way to feeling better for sure.

Eventually I would learn how to cure anxiety, and it was all because I finally learned that what was wrong with me was in my head and not in my body. As soon as I realized this, I found it much easier than before to make some life changes that would ultimately help me deal with my anxiety disorder.

And it did work for me too. Just by adding a bit of exercise to my life, I was increasing the amount of the chemical serotonin in my body. Since our mood is affected by serotonin and exercise increases it in our body, it is perfectly natural for some added exercise to make us feel mentally and physically better.

I'm not saying that a little bit of exercise was the one thing that cured my anxiety, but it certainly helped me to feel a whole lot better about my anxiety and my life.

Finding a way to get me on the road to finding out how to cure anxiety for myself was a great first start. For the simple fact that I was willing to try some new things to combat my anxiety, I am now happy to say that I no longer live my days and nights in panic filled episodes of doom and gloom.

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