Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Protein Rich Foods for a Better Sleep

By Anne Lewis

There are three food groups that are taught by our health teachers during kinder and elementary. These are the go grow and glow foods. The go foods consist of bread, rice, grains and other foods rich in carbohydrates. The grow foods which are the meat group are the foods that help us build our muscles.

We are often advised to have these three classes of food during meal but it seems impossible because of some instances like, people now have different lifestyle instead of cooking food people tend to just buy outside and because most people are in hurry they do not have enough time to cook and instead chooses to just eat instant foods. People's lifestyle now can also cause stress so it is a must to eat foods that can stop stress.

Most sickness starts as stress so we must really fight stress and to do this all we have to do is to get enough rest and sleep. The problem is a stress people will have a problem of sleeping. So what we must treat is on what to do to sleep well and to have a good sleep we must eat rich protein foods.

Milk, Butter and Cheese Products - These are dairy products that aids in the building of tissues in our body. If you want to have a good sleep then drink some milk or have some yogurt. Do not just eat too much because it is not good for the body.

Beans - Beans that has high protein in particular and these are black beans, haircot beans, red kidney beans and fava beans. This can also be a good replacement if meat is unavailable but take note that beans is not good for persons who have arthritis so beware.

Meat - Meat can be chicken meat, pork meat or beef meat as long as it is a lean meat then it is fine. Since meat has the most protein above all foods, it does not mean that you can eat as much as you want. You must eat meat in small portion only because you can easily gain weight if you over eat meat.

Turkey Breast - nothing is more delicious than a turkey breast. Though it's quiet expensive you will not mind the cost if you just imagined the countless benefits it can give to your health. A serve of an 8 ounce turkey breast can give you 60 grams of protein. Another good thing about turkey is that it has lesser fats compared to other forms of meat.

Fat-free Cottage Cheese - This kind of cheese is not just rich in protein but it can also help enhance your muscle. A half cup of this cheese can give you 16 grams of protein but do not over eat because even half a serving can give you 80 calories. If you eat this protein rich cheese make sure to exercise afterwards or later on.

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