Saturday, October 01, 2011

Knowing Panic Disorders

By Beth Kaminski

There are so many people worldwide who are affected by this attack and approximately the ratio of the affected people is !:75.So have a through understanding about this disorder so that you can interact better with the person who is affected. Here are a few hints that will make you aware of it.

What causes it? -Medical professionals are divided on the possible causes of the disorders. Some have noted that it can be a genetic predisposition as they have seen cases where it runs in the family. The possibility of having a biological malfunction is also being delved into until today. Stressful life events are also being pointed as one of the causes such death of a loved one or separation. There are also views that say that there are instances when both psychological and physical causes trigger an attack. Too much consumption of some food, beverages and even medications can bring about an attack too.

What happens to a person when it attacks? -when it occurs, a person would feel a fear that almost paralyzes them. They can experience either hot flashes or sudden chills which cause uncontrollable shaking. Sweating and chest pains are possible too. This can make the breathing difficult for the person. The attack occurs unannounced and nothing and no one stop it. The person's condition during an attack -A panic attack can immobilize a person and can make him shiver and tremble and also perspire a lot. The patient may even have discomfort in chest and have breathing problems. This attack mostly comes in an unexpected way.

How to identify it? -there can be warning signs that a person has a disorder especially when they have an attack. However, only a therapist can efficiently make a diagnosis. At times, an individual can consult a number of doctors before they can be properly diagnosed so nobody should jump to conclusions too soon. You should consider going to a doctor if you have had repeated attacks and you have a constant fear that you will have another one sometime soon. If you feel you have the symptoms, see a psychologist or a therapist immediately.

Recognizing an attack -Sometimes there might be some signs that can clearly indicate an attack. But only repeated visits to a medical professional can ascertain the cause and give a clear diagnosis. If experiencing attacks often and if you fear for getting another one, visit a doctor immediately.

How it can be treated? -there are quite a number of treatments from the conventional to alternative medicines to treat such medical condition. Cognitive and behavioral therapies are being offered to patients in order to point out the underlying cause of the problem so proper solutions would be applied. They are taught different relaxation techniques so that the attacks will be lessened. The patients need to work together with the therapist as they cannot be helped if they will not help themselves first.

Can a person with a panic disorder live a normal life? -Definitely, provided that proper treatment will be given. There are now many different treatments that are available so that increases the chance that a person with that disorder will be treated. When it is cured, it would not lead to permanent problems. However, there may be instances that would trigger an attack so in some instances, continuous treatments may be required.

Panic Disorder Patients can live normally -Yes these patients can live a normal life like any other people but if they have undergone proper treatment methods, nowadays there are so many treating methods available which will enable a patient to be cured fully, But you should be always aware of the stimulants and get treated for this issue.

Panic disorder should in no way ruin your normal life. If you are blessed enough by not getting this complication then you should be always considerate to the patients and should support them emotionally.

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