Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Role Played By A Psychotherapist

By Elinor Tran

A psychotherapist is a health professional who carries out treatment to people with psychological disorders. The profession can involve dealing with individuals and groups as well. Their main role is to enable the patient overcome what is bothering them emotionally and ensure that they are in sober mind and have internal peace. Before consulting a San Francisco psychotherapist one should know what the whole process is about.

Psychotherapists have undergraduate training in education, social science or health. They also have postgraduate training in mental health on top of that. They are also required to be members of a professional body and have to be licensed in order to practice.

Professionals like ordained priests, rabbis, alcohol and drug counselors, ministers and spiritual leaders can practice psychotherapy as well. And with them they may not need a license depending with the state. Individuals with a post graduate degree in education and psychology can also practice it without a license.

These professionals employ various treatment approaches based on their experience and theoretical training plus competency. These are normally cognitive behavioral therapies, psychodynamic therapies and psychoanalytical therapies. They offer face to face services and the client is actively involved in the treatment process.

The choice of a counselor is normally a challenge to most individuals, therefore it is essential for an individual to clearly understand themselves and their need for a therapist. One should carry enough research and contact enough counselors before choosing a therapist. After settling on the best, one should clearly express his or her interests from the word go.

Constant depression, lack of satisfaction and chronic state of unhappiness are among the symptoms which should lead one into seeking a counselor. Upon meeting the San Francisco psychotherapist one should be ready to openly speak out in details what is on his/her mind and taking away. This makes the counseling process easy and satisfactory.

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