Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coping With Christian Anxiety On A Daily Basis

By Casandra Newton

There are a great many people that tend to suffer from Christian anxiety. When seen from a purely clinical view there does not seem to be much difference between this form of stress and that brought on by low self esteem. There are different sources behind each of the clinical conditions. Understanding them can help you find your way out of the constant stress.

Generally, low self esteem is directly related to having a low self image. The feelings of unworthiness are extensive and flow into every aspect of life. This includes issues like parental relationship, income potential, and relationships. When the principles of Christianity are at the heart of the feelings of being less than adequate you are dealing with a specific form of low self esteem. The conflict is not between your and the bible but between you and your inner truth.

Sometimes it is easy to get confused when it comes to living in a good Christian manner. The standard is set so in order to be followed. The rules of perfection are not really what is intended. Comparing yourself to a a flawless version of yourself that does not exist only to find the means to put yourself down conflicts with the open and loving policy set forth by the teachings.

The scale of acceptable ideas, thoughts, actions, and behaviors range so large on the scale of Christianity that even the most pious and devout can find excessive flaws in their perception of themselves and what is expected. The belief that the only way to reach higher is to put yourself down is also common. This type of constant pressure certainly produces a level of anxiety that can be difficult to live with.

You might hear that if you feel this way then perhaps you should change the things that are plaguing you. Changing who you are is not an easy thing to stand by, and eventually the attempt unravels. Accepting who you are and learning from your feelings of difficulty can be the path toward peace and the path that brings your closer to God.

There has always been at least some debate to whether religious texts should be taken literally or if they should serve as a guide toward peaceful living. There are opinions all over the board regarding whether feeling tension and stress can be a good motivator to do better. In the end, it really comes down to personal belief.

Using a personal belief to try to become more than who you are becomes a source of pain. When you also consider the tragic nature of the happenings around you, the senselessness of violence and your own level of involvement in changing things it can be easy to develop fears and stress. Using any form of pressure to comply typically leads to poor results.

Christian anxiety can seem to be about many different things at once. Relieving it comes from within. A personal relationship with your Creator that reflects what is truly in your inner core is often how to relieve the internal suffering.

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