Thursday, September 06, 2012

A San Francisco Psychotherapist Heals Deep Rooted Emotional Hindrances

By Mitzi Fitzgerald

A San Francisco psychotherapist is an experienced adviser that offers qualified opinion on how a patient can overcome anxiety, depression and fears or to adjusted twisted outlook in life. Psychotherapy provides the patient personal counseling so he can discuss in great detail the situations that bother him. This can help ease up the burden he feels.

Psychotherapy helps determine the different psychological issues the patient is coping with. In order to fully understand the person, the therapist must know how he views himself. The answers that he provide will offer an insight into the root causes of the problem. It also helps him find his identity again. The psychotherapy session often goes on for five months on a short amount of time every week.

It is important for psychotherapy professionals to listen without bias on what the patient is telling him. He then gives counsel to the individual so he will be able to face his negative emotions. The professional allows the patient to identify goals that will help him overcome negativity such as anger or depression. He trains the patient to imagine what will happen once the goals are realized. This will give the individual the necessary motivation to continue working towards the goal.

If the patient is able to come up with the right goals, the therapist must help him identify possible hindrances to the attainment of his goals. For example, a person depression may be due to some bad experiences in the past. It is okay to be sad but if the depression gets in the way of a persons life then it has reached a serious level already. If the person has a hard time functioning at social, mental or work environment due to his depression then seeing a psychotherapist might help.

A San Francisco psychotherapist can provide a supportive atmosphere that allows the person to open up to learning certain cognitive techniques that can overcome whatever emotional problem is crippling him. The professional enables the patient to realize that he has control over his emotions. Also, even if others treat him badly, it does not mean that he is not a good person.

Teaching coping mechanisms is an integral part of the therapy. For instance, if a person is suffering from bulimia, the therapy will teach her not to use food as a way of filling up the emptiness she feels inside. There are other healthier ways to cope with feelings of loneliness such as exercise or talking to friends.

The patient does not just learn cognitive methods, he also gets to know certain behavioral techniques. Behavioral techniques help the client find the strength to tackle difficulties head on. Take for example, a person often avoids certain situations that make him feel anxious. Therapy allows him to look into anxiety ridden situations and overcome them.

A San Francisco psychotherapist also helps the person apply various relaxation techniques to cope with the stresses in life such as exercises, meditation and yoga. Seeing a therapist enables the patient to face various emotional problems that haunt him. Utilizing psychotherapy properly helps the person have a more relaxed and less stressful existence.

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