Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dating with Depression

By Jaime Charlies

Nothing can be more upsetting than getting turned down by someone of the opposite sex especially when you are dealing with depression. Rest assured this is not the end of the world. Since dating can be fun it can also help us out tremendously when we are feeling depressed. Having someone to talk to and be with will naturally lift your spirits up. But remember to keep cool and follow these general guidelines when dating while depressed.

You may feel exhilarated on the first date, but as time goes on and you continue to date the person, things become routine. That initial rush of excitement is gone and for some people, they become addicted to that initial surge of excitement to feel good. To combat this, keep the relationship fresh by doing new things.

If you dwell on the possibility of rejection, you'll reject yourself before you even ask. Imagine asking one of your relatives to dinner - they would say yes because they love you unconditionally, right? Think about speaking to them when you ask the person out. Even if someone declines your invitation, just learn from that experience and move on to someone else. Feeling sorry or angry will only hold you back from dating someone who wants to date you. Everyone gets rejected now and then, but the persistent people are the ones who get dates.

YOUR FIRST DATE: Congratulations! Someone accepted your invitation to go on a date. On the first date, you'll probably be excited and thrilled. As you go on more dates with the person, you might feel your feelings become less intense. Your activities may become routine. You can keep things exciting by suggesting new activities and new topics of conversation.

WHAT TO TALK ABOUT: On first dates, the best rule is to keep the conversation positive and light. Try not to discuss mention words about depression if you can help it. There will be opportunities later if you continue dating this person. Later, as they get to know you, they'll be able to understand more of what you are dealing with. On the first date, they are making a first impression and so are you. Use it as an opportunity to find out more about the other person and talk less about yourself. Share funny stories if you can. Most people appreciate a fun, happy attitude on the first date, and they are willing to go on more dates.

Hopefully this has started you on the path to happiness with dating. Remember to keep your chin up.s

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