Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trazodone withdrawal Facts

By Lillian Greco Arellano

If you have ever been in a situation where you are required to take anti depressants and for some reasons you are supposed to stop you are aware that one can have some serious withdrawal side effects. Trazodone for sleep has been a drug of choice for people who have been down with insomnia for sometime. This drug has been very popular with the people who have been suffering from conditions such as insomnia and depression.

People who are using this drug will not all have the same prescription because the drug is used to treat different disorders. To avoid any problems from cropping up for trazodone withdrawal effects symptoms, you will need top make sure that you always stay within the limit that has been set by the doctor. It is very advisable that you start with the one hundred and fifty milligrams to two hundred milligrams on a daily basis. Once you have started feeling better your doctor will decide on the new prescription for you.

It is worth noting some facts as far as the trazodone withdrawal is concerned. Just like any anti depressant the drug should not be withdrawn immediately. This means that the person who has been using the drug for sometime should consult a physician so that he or she can get reliable expert advice on how they are supposed to do in order to have a successful and harmless withdrawal process. This kind of consultation is very important to make sure that the person who is going through the process is not hurt in the course of trazodone withdrawal.

The abuse of several medical drugs has been a major cause of symptoms that you do not want to go through and so you will have to be sure that you always use every medication the right way. The good news about this drug is that the trazodone withdrawal symptoms are not permanent. For this reason, you can have hope if you are already going through them already. The body will go back to normal, it will start getting used to not having this drug in the system, and so the symptoms will gradually subside.

The time the withdrawal symptoms will take in order to start subsiding will vary from patient to patient. There are people who will take less time may be even a few days and go back to normal while there are patients who will have to take a few weeks before they can start feeling any relief. It is safe that if you are on the medication and you do not want to experience the withdrawal symptoms then you will need to be weaned off slowly from the medication. This will help you be able to stay away from the withdrawal symptoms.

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