Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Understand Happiness

By Marcel Pryor

The word happiness causes different feelings and ideas to pop up into our minds. To one person it could be something totally different to another person. Happiness is something personal to each of us, and we define it according to our own individual lives. Your happiness could be viewed as something horrible to another person.

Your values, way of life, and opinions define your happiness. Each of us perceive happiness in our own ways. For example going out to a party may make you happy, but could be a source of anxiety for your friend. Your friend may choose to stay home and watch television which may be their source of happiness. Nobody can tell another person what to do for happiness.

The exception would be somebody who derives their happiness from physically or emotionally harming other folks that don't want to be hurt. Noone has the right to hurt another for happiness when the other doesn't consent to it. And if the person consents out of fear, then that isn't free will either. That's self preservation. Even self destructive people under the guise of happiness who only harm themselves have a problem that should be addressed by a professional.

By definition, happiness is defined as a state of mind and being. This state includes a feeling of being content, love, satisfaction, joy and/or pleasure. This definition does not include folk who harm either themselves or others in the name of happiness. First, if one harms somebody else either physically or mentally for no good reason and the other individual is not consenting to that, there is something actually wrong with the picture.

Finding an exact meaning for happiness is very hard since it is defined individually, socially and culturally. The part of the world plays a part in the meaning. For instance one part of the world may enjoy snow while another likes the beaches. Even thought, there still are some universal ideas of happiness.

A regular person would never want to get hurt in any way. So a person who does harm to others for the sake of happiness has something wrong with their reality. This is even worse when the person they are harming is a child. In this case law enforcement should get involved.

To be happy it is agreed around the world that one should have positive feelings. These positive feelings can come from pleasure, engagement, and having a life worth living with others. It is these basic things that most people in the world agree upon to truly feel happy.

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