Monday, August 13, 2012

Christians With Anxiety And A Lot Of Pain

By Jasmine Cummings

Christians with anxiety are turning to God as this seems to be the redemption. As the world rises against them, God could be their only redemption. Most of the people fighting against them are seeking freedom. Since Christianity advocates for union off faith, people feel like they are being tied down. As they cut off the chains, they rise against them.

Morality is a hot topic. What is morally wrong and what is morally right? That seems to be a subjective question. This keeps changing as time and environment changes. People have opted to be opportunistic. They have started taking advantage of the environment. Everything is being blamed on the environment we live in and the harsh economic times. This has posed a lot of danger to the saved masses.

Technology has catapulted us into unimaginable world. We are living in a world of fantasy. Everything is all about how much we can consumer and how the technology drives us. Many tend to argued that they do not need God with all the amazing things that the technology can do for them.

Homosexuality is the tradition in this century. The traditional male-female setup has been kicked out through the window. Males have ceased to interests in females. Females no longer give in to the females. This has entirely changed the dating and procreation arena. Saved and staunch masses are now in uncertainty.

Education can also be blamed for uncertainty among believers. They used to believe that God created the universe and then create man. He put him in charge of the beautiful world He created. However, science has adopted a different way to explain the creation story. This has brought conflicts along.

All over the world there are Christians with anxiety. Cults and other forms of uprisings against them is now common. There are millions and millions of cults across the globe. These preach a different gospel and end up attracting large masses. These masses end up persecuting the believers.

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