Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bipolar Depression : Its Symptoms And Tips To Deal With It.

By Jack Hsakiu

Bipolar depression is a common illness that many people suffer from all around the world. Based on research being made, it shows that this type of depression starts occurring during a person's adolescence. There are many types of depression and one of this is bipolar depression. Bipolar depression is episodic and pretty hard to diagnose as it is a psychiatric illness. The patients suffering from this depression may not show any symptoms for weeks or months thus making it hard to diagnose.

Some research shows that some people are genetically prone to bipolar symptoms. But not everyone that is vulnerable to this disorder develops the sickness. This clearly indicates us that these are influenced by external factors as well. And these external factors are what trigger the bipolar symptoms. There are many occurrences of depression or manic episodes without an obvious trigger and reading this article will help you find it out.

The first trigger for bipolar symptom is stress. Stress is something that everyone suffers at some point in our lives. And those individuals having bipolar disorders will find it very difficult to cope with severe stress.

The symptoms of when you are depressed are change of sleeping habits and appetite, pessimism, anxiety, isolation, mental and physical lethargy, change in bowel movements, suicidal thoughts and lack of concentration.

Another bipolar depression symptom is extreme petulance. Those patients that suffer from this bipolar depression symptoms often tend to be aggressive or violent in behavior. An individual having a history of temper tantrums, reckless behavior or outburst anger can be suffering from bipolar disorder.

Having a poor judgment is also one of bipolar depression symptoms. The bipolar disorder patients tend to have difficulty dealing with reality and thus find it hard to make judgments.

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