Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Look At Some Natural Remedies For Depression

By James Hunter

One can experience depression at one time in his or her life due to stress caused by either losing a job, when a relationship ends or any other undesirable event in his or her life. This condition is mostly characterized by low moods and if left unattended can even lead to mental problems or madness. Some illnesses and drugs can also be major factors that contribute to gloominess. There are however natural remedies for depression that one can use to treat this condition.

Omega 3 is among the highly recommended natural medications for this condition. Despair is at times linked to the lack of the omega 3 fatty acids hence taking it corrects the condition. Typically, this medication has antidepressants which are known to fight despair. Upon taking this medication, the general well-being of the patient improves and this places them in a good mood.

5-HTP is another medication that is effective in treating depression because it functions by increasing the quantity of serotonins in one's system or body. High levels of this supplement in ones body will lower chances of that person succumbing to despair instead he or she will be less somber. Since it is an antidepressant, it is therefore useful in getting rid of gloominess.

To treat mild to moderate levels of depression a natural medication referred to as st john's wort is considered the most ineffectual as its side effects are few. It generally contributes positively by putting one in a light mood hence is effective in fighting sadness or despair that one may be experiencing. It achieves this by balancing one's moods.

SAMe is also another natural remedy that is effective in treating gloominess and also improves the brains overall performance. In addition, it is ineffectual in getting rd of arthritis and other diseases that might affect the liver. One should however keep- in mind that though this supplement chases away sadness quickly someone who expedience swings of mood or who has bipolar disorder should not use it because it can cause manic depression.

An additional remedy used in treating gloominess is folic acid, also known as folate. This acid has high levels of Vitamin B which is mostly deficient in people's bodies making them vulnerable to depression. Taking beans, green vegetables, fruits as well as other vegetables rich in vitamin B can help people counter the lack of this component in the body.

Taking in a good diet is the most effective medication for this condition. One should take foods that are low in sugar because foods that are high sugar can increase your sugar levels and worsen your moods. One should also avoid taking caffeine or drinking alcohol after meals because this causes insomnia and anxiety.

These natural remedies for depression are not only effective but do not have severe side effects. This set them apart from the medicines that are bought over the counter that can worsen one's condition. Properly administered these medications can improve one's moods and increase the overall performance of one's brains.

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