Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Asking Why Depression Hurts So Copiously

By Jure Delavec

When you feel depressed, you feel upset and out of sorts with no real understanding of why it is happening. Along with not having any energy and not being interested in doing anything, you may feel physical pain that cannot be explained. There are reasons why depression hurts and there are reasons why you should be aware of why you are feeling this way.

There are a few things that happen when you begin to have feelings of being depressed. You start feeling very, very tired and cannot seem to snap out of it. Being depressed can take a toll on your ability to stay awake, or even want to stay awake. This often is one of the first signs of something wrong.

Headaches caused by stress are common when depressed people internalize their stressful feelings. The pressure of the stress causes the headaches, which can lead to more feelings of isolation and confusion. Aside from taking aspirin or ibuprofin, there is really nothing that can be used to take the headaches away.

Body aches and pains are symptoms that people with depression often complain about. Clenching of the jaw can make your teeth and jaw joints hurt very much. This usually can be attributed to an abundance of stress and tensing your muscles up; most times people cannot explain why their body is experiencing pain.

Lashing out at others is another way to cause pain to both yourself and your targets, even though it is not considered physical pain. This behavior hurts people in ways that can sometimes cause physical pain, but emotionally charged. These hurtful feelings can also jump start tension in the body, which can make your bones and your muscles ache because of the stress.

Going to a doctor to find different methods of treating the feelings of being depressed is a good thing to do. They will often prescribe mood altering medication so that you can function properly and allow your body to get back on track. They will also suggest that you see a therapist so you can understand and fix the reasons why you feel this way.

Regardless of how it happens, depression hurts in so many ways. It is up to those people around the one who is suffering to reach out and help them get past these feelings so they can live normal lives. Encouraging the sufferer to seek out medical help when this gets too big to handle on their own will allow the person to learn of its origin and open up things for change.

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