Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Way To Triumph over Depressive disorders By Having Values

By Jack Foley

Sometimes those who are eliminating depression feel that they must have a value element within when getting together with new people. How's this "value element" established?. Basically the response to this for me is that it is an inside job. You should consider yourself as the individual that has value on this earth. You should consider yourself as an individual who can really help another person.

If you are a brain surgeon or perhaps a CEO of a company and you come across people on a regular basis. It is inevitable that others will likely have their own individual opinions about you internally. Perhaps a person that is a business owner and is also highly successful economically but really doesn't spend time with his family is typically not considered an individual of value by other individuals. This is exactly why it becomes an inside job. Whenever you consider yourself as a valuable person who stands up for what you believe in, by having good values, etc, then folks will see this and be interested in you.

Having Mental toughness is crucial. To generally be happy with whom you are.

Bear This In Mind this Critical Life Principle: Be - Do - Have

"Be" symbolizes belief. Know that you are extraordinary & treasured. Secondly do the things and behave in a manner that supports your values. Lastly is simply Have. You will have the final results, good human relationships, good health, good of all the things. Simply by standing for what you are, this will certainly attract like-minded folks to you.

In the end should you wish to be free, you need to be yourself. Not the person you think your wife thinks you have to be, not the person you think your children think you have to be. And even more importantly, not the person you feel society thinks you have to be. Eventually if you'd like to be free, you have got to be yourself, period.

What I mean by this is individual thinking, individual interests, individual likes/dislikes. Of course you should help the "big group", you need to tune in to them now and then, you must come to their aid, you should encourage them when asked but you must never mould yourself into the big group. By conforming to the big group, one is prone to loosing their personality which is negative because one may get depressed being a person that they do not desire to be.

Just stick up for your values and never change who you are. It's essentially the most fundamental law when alleviating depressive disorders.

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