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Help for Adrenal Fatigue Victims

By Alice Whitley

When suffering from adrenal fatigue you should avoid anything that may get your adrenals pumping and this includes avoiding certain feelings. Stress is one of them but fear is less often considered. Fear will get your adrenals to pump out adrenalin and so it is best not to go see frightening pictures, try extreme sports or anything else that will get your pulse racing.

You actually must avoid stimulants if you have adrenal fatigue symptoms as these will make the situation worse and not better. According to your specific case, you'll feel better there and then, but you are causing your adrenals to produce extra hormones and eventually you are setting yourself up for a worsening of your condition. If you should happen to feel you want stimulants to function correctly then you need to test for Adrenal Fatigue. All stimulants should be steered clear of, including prescription stimulants, ephedra and guarana'.

Tests now available are not good enough to pick up the milder sorts of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue is often prescribed when a range of symptoms are inexplicable in other terms. This is a not a medically accepted diagnosis. There is a medical term, adrenal insufficiency, that may be picked up by blood tests and has similar symptoms to adrenal fatigue, although folks affected by adrenal fatigue are not always afflicted with adrenal insufficiency. Nonetheless medically accepted or not, the symptoms are completely real to the individuals that have them!

When you have adrenal fatigue your eyes don't want light. This is due to the proven fact that the pupils do not have the power to contract efficiently. You can do this test. Dim the light and let your pupils distend for approx. ten minutes. Peer into the mirror and shine a flash-lamp in from the side. If your pupils hesitate to contract, or if they have issues holding the contraction, adrenal fatigue might be the cause.

A method to use if you have adrenal fatigue is to utilize the blood pressure to gauge which part of compensation the adrenals are in. You are going to need a classical sphygmomanometer and stethoscope more than the electronic equipment but it may be best if a professional doctor could do the test for you.

From a muscular perspective adrenal fatigue causes dreadful lack of energy. It could also cause muscle weakness and pain in the joints and muscles. You may feel knackered and drained even after many hours sleep or will feel lightheaded and have weird food longings for salt, protein, or sugar. Low blood pressure is also the standard symptom and so is lower than standard body temperature. Sleeping problems could occur but should be regarded as a symptom and not a basis for other illnesses.

Legions of people all around the world suffer because of this syndrome and sadly, most of them are misdiagnosed, sometimes as Addisson's sickness or Hushing's sickness. If not treated this syndrome can be seriously enfeebling and effect the way in which you function in your daily life.

Licorice spurs the same result of cortisol in the body and 25-100mg of the extract is a good help in allergies, persistant fatigue and inflaming pathologies. The extract could be taken for approximately 6-8 weeks at a time and is best taken in the mornings and evenings, 30 minutes before meals, so as to mimic the body's natural cortisol rhythm.

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