Sunday, December 23, 2012

Learn More About Christian Anxiety

By Brandi Little

Christian anxiety simply denotes the state in which most of the disciples or those who believe in Christianity cultivate a feeling of several concerns that emanate from the nonexistence of conviction and power over their forth comings. It is because of what their faith is. Similarly, it results from the biblical teachings.

The Christians believe that when they die, their souls have two fates. This means that they either go to hell or heaven. This belief is based on the teachings that are derived from the bible. Therefore, they get anxious about the fate of their souls when they die.

The bible also teaches that sin makes one fall sort of the glory of God. This is because sin separates man from God by dirtying both the soul and body. Therefore, this also becomes a source of worry to the life of the followers of Christ. They are ever worried whether they are sinning against God or not.

The state of nervousness also comes from the fact the religious believers are uncertain of what is going to happen the next day. This is from the bible which states that the awareness of the future has been concealed from man. As a result, they always feel troubled how the next day would be as well as where they would get the food.

Being worrisome is not beneficial in the life of Christians. It bears some negative impacts in the life of a person. Therefore, people should be more careful when they begin experiencing this state in their hearts.

It discourages you from thinking about what you have. When you become vexed about some uncertainty and lack of control the future, you loose focus. This absolutely dissuades you from becoming strong-minded and motivated.

It also denies you the chance to pay attention to and examine your life. This is for the reason that anxiety causes you to be continuously afraid of the anonymous. You therefore loose the ability to be attentive to something that is essential. This then causes you to loose their valuable time.

Christians can overcome this state using different ways. The bible teaches that they should not be worried about anything. In stead, they should offer everything to God through prayer and supplication. This helps in overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Believers are ordered to pray about worries of their life. These devotions may be beyond requests for positive answers. They should involve include thanks and praise as well as needs. Praying like this makes them remember many blessings that God persistently gives them. This reminds about the great love God for them. It also makes them to constantly remember that God knows and listens to them.

Christian anxiety is relative to your logic of safety. If life is goes on the way it is planned, you become safe as worries diminish. Similarly, worry increases when you become helpless, unconfident or excessively fixated to some outcome. Therefore, you should dispose all your cares unto Jesus since He cares for you. This greatly fortifies your dependency on, and your complete reliance in Jesus.

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