Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleep Disorders and Dealing with Them

By Elly Carter

It is important that you learn how to tell if you have a sleeping disorder. Many people suffer from sleeping disorders, which could turn out to be quite dangerous if you do not take the time to get it checked out. However, if you spot your disorder early enough, you will be saving your life.

One of the most common sleep disorders would be sleep apnea. It is characterized by pauses in breathing when you are asleep and this is quite dangerous. Your breathing might also be quite shallow when you are experiencing sleep apnea but this shallow breathing is called hypopnea.

Although sleep apnea cannot kill you by itself, it has many other serious medical side effects that are quite worrying. It has been known to cause or worsen high blood pressure and strokes. Even more serious, it can cause heart failure and irregular heartbeats.

If you or a family member suspects that you are suffering from sleep apnea, then you should immediately start looking for a suitable sleep doctor. They will be able to look at you and determine if you really are suffering from a sleep disorder. A quick internet search should deal you to the nearest one or you can ask your doctor for a referral.

For the sleep doctor to make a correct diagnosis, they will need to conduct a sleep test. This is quite a simple sleep test, which needs to be conducted while you are sleeping to spot your disorder. You can have it done either at the sleep clinic or at your own home.

You could be suffering from any of the different types of sleep apnea. These include central or obstructive or even a combination of both. After the sleep test, your sleep doctor will be able to tell which one and come up with a treatment plan.

A lot of people all over the world suffer the effects of sleep disorders and may not even know it. Sometimes the matter becomes so serious that it affects their health negatively. So wherever you may be, even in Euroa, and you need help with sleep problems look for the nearest clinic that deals with that problem and seek advice.

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