Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dealing With Problems Of Adjustment Disorder

By Lee Larossier

When you suffer a very stressful event in your life it can cause many problems and some people develop adjustment disorder as a result. The suddenness of major changes can make life almost unbearable. Although most people eventually adjust, some just cannot seem to get over the problem. Here are some common causes and symptoms, and strategies for therapy.

Most people have a hard time dealing with the death of a person that is very close. This is especially hard if you lose someone that is a major part of your life. When someone dies they can never come back to you and you can never enjoy their company. Many people often develop major difficulties after the death of someone important.

When two people decide to end a marriage it can be one of the most stressful events in life. However, the problem is compounded when minor children are involved. If children are used to living with both parents the sudden loss of one can make life very hard to deal with.

Adjustment disorder can bring on a host of symptoms and many of them are related to stress and anxiety. It can cause well behaved children to start acting out and defy all forms of authority. Problems like palpitations and insomnia are not uncommon. One also may feel depressed.

The initial goal of treatment is to alleviate immediate symptoms and this can include medication. However, the long term goal is to teach the patient coping skills so one can live with new conditions. This includes cognitive behavior therapy.

When someone suffers with adjustment disorder it may be necessary to see a mental health professional. Most people notice improvement after treatment and long term therapy sessions. Also, attending support groups can help. In some cases, everyone in the family needs to attend sessions, to help the patient learn how to deal with the changes.

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