Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dealing With Christian Anxiety Properly

By Lucile Jacobs

People think that if they become a Christian, all of their worries will simply vanish into thin air. However, this is simply not true. Everyone has stress in their lives and this often leads to many anxious feelings. Some people suffer from more anxiety than others. For some people, it may lead to serious panic attacks. Christian anxiety, at least reduces some of the strain because one has other people to lean towards.

Some people think that they are alone in their struggles and keep on worrying about the same thing, but soon find that the rest of the world has their own problems to deal with as well. Some people have worse problems than others and some feel that their problem is the worst, but at the end of the day this can be dealt with.

When people are really anxious, they sometimes feel as if they are alone in the world. They may be thinking that nobody has been through what they are going through. However, one is surprised to find similarities between others when you start to open up and share your problems. When you don't deal with this, you may find yourself with a bigger problem. Some people end up having anxiety attacks and this is not something you will want to live with.

The bible contains a lot of verses which relate to anxiety. This is an excellent way to deal with your problems. Just by opening this book and reading a few versus, you will start to feel a lot wiser and relaxed about your ordeal. Your mind will be set to rest once you start to read some words of wisdom from the bible.

It is also important, as a Christian to share your problems with others of the same faith. You will be surprised how many people will be able to find your situation so familiar. Christians need to support each other at times like these otherwise it could happen that they will begin to lose interest in the Church.

Prayer is another thing which Christians believe in. People may put this off and start to procrastinate, but most people will feel an automatic lift after a session of prayer. This is something which a psychologist cannot help you with. There are always people who will disagree and that is up to what they believe in.

Christians find a prayer group necessary at times like these, but it also helps generally to ask for certain things and to give thanks. Christians believe that God hears their prayers and they also believe that you should ask for something, which you are in need of. There are many verses in the bible that talk about this. The bible is something that Christians can always come back to as a form of comfort. Many people say that they are given a lift after reading a couple of verses from the bible.

Once Christians practice a routine of prayer with regular bible reading, they will find that their confidence will be lifted. Some Christians are afraid to ask God for just about anything. However, this is part of the Christian faith. It is also important to worship together with other Christians and to meet with people who are going through the same sort of Christian anxiety as you. You will soon find that you are not alone.

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