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Getting Clarity About Bible Verses On Anxiety

By Juliette Cruz

The Holy Bible is a source of great information. Known as the Word of God, it gives us a view of life from the creation of man through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus The Christ. There is a message in the Bible that can provide insight on any situation that one may go through. From marriage and raising children to lending and investing, the bible has an answer for it. And when the directives are followed, they lead to successful outcomes. There are Bible verses on anxiety that, if taken heed to, can also provide successful outcomes.

Anxiety, which is the same as worry, is created when a person feels they do not have control over a situation. People can fret over things like people disliking them or not fitting in. A new husband may think that his father in law may not approve of him. A college graduate may have doubts about getting a job. In case after case worry will cause one to focus on things that have not happened yet.

Jesus spoke the words on the fourteenth chapter of John verse one, Do not allow your hearts to be upset. If you believe in God you should also believe in me. Believing in Jesus will give one comfort knowing that he controls everything. If He controls it then there is no need to worry.

Jesus also said in the sixth chapter of Matthew verse 27, Who by fretting can increase their lives by an hour. He is saying that it is a waste of time to worry. There is no value in it. It could make things much worse. Time spent fretting reduces time which could be spent finding a solution.

One man can overlook the phone call of a creditor that constantly calls and gets a sour attitude whenever the phone rings. Another man answers the phone and seeks to come up with a workable plan. The man that seeks to do what he can will be more successful because of focusing on solutions rather than problems.

1 Peter5:7 reads, Cast all your cares to the Lord, because He cares for you. This gives one the liberty not to worry about anything, but give it to the One that can solve all problems. This is reminiscent of the little boy that got lost in the woods. It was dark when his father found him. He could not see his father, but he reached up, put his little hand comfortably in his fathers, and trusted his father to get him back home.

To be worry free is about having this type of relationship with God. When things are tough, instead of worrying, one should feel comfortable taking the hand of God and trusting that He will bring them through.

Bible verses on anxiety are throughout the bible. They can be studied, and logically provide some worry relief. Real relief can only come when a relationship exists with God. Then, when bible study is done, knowing God is in control of everything will make every verse one that can produce anxiety relief.

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