Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief

All of us experience stress and anxiety in our lives. We
are all familiar with the sources of stress and anxiety.
They include financial concerns, work deadlines, providing
for our children, countless tasks to do and errands to run,
heavy traffic, relationships with co-workers, family
relationships, and the list goes on. The irony is that the
responses of our physical bodies that are designed to
protect us can turn against us when stress and anxiety is
without relief or prolonged. Under stress, our heart rate
and blood pressure increase to provide our brains with more
blood flow for oxygen and nutrients. Our blood sugar
increases to provide us with more energy as we would need
in a crisis. Our blood is routed away from our intestines
in order to provide energy for the large muscles in our
arms and legs for fight or flight. If the source of our
stress and anxiety subsides after a brief period of time,
our bodies return these functions to their normal process.
If the source of our stress and anxiety remains constant
then our physical responses become harmful to our health.
We begin to experience insomnia, joint and muscle
inflammation and pain, fatigue, hypertension, perhaps heart
constriction, indigestion, higher cholesterol levels,
impotence, either lack of or excess appetite resulting in
weight loss or weight gain, weakened immune system making
us vulnerable to colds and flu, and so on. Emotionally we
experience feelings of irritability, impatience, lack of
sexual interest, lack of concentration, depression,
restlessness, excessive alertness and reaction to normal
external stimuli, or feelings of being constantly
overwhelmed and helpless.

Our bodies need time to recover from being in crisis mode
due to stress and anxiety in order to restore normal
physical balance and functioning. We need a break from and
relief from the stress and anxiety in order to maintain our
health. Some of us have had experience with prescription,
synthetic drugs to ease anxiety and stress, but have
suffered the potentially harmful and discomforting side
effects which, ironically added to our feelings of stress
and anxiety. Fortunately, many of us have discovered
substances provide by nature that our bodies readily absorb
and utilize to deal with stress and anxiety without the
possible harmful side effects of prescription, synthetic

When dealing with stress and anxiety, our bodies need a
proper balance of vitamins and minerals that can be
obtained in multivitamin formulas some of which are
specially created to provide extra stress protection with
calcium, potassium, magnesium, a full spectrum of B
vitamins and pantothenic acid.

Essential fatty acids provide us with Omega 3 and Omega 6
which help balance blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and
provide our neurotransmitters in our brain to function
quickly and efficiently. Essential fatty acids help reduce
joint and muscle inflammation and fatigue, and enhances the
functions of our respiratory and intestinal digestive
system providing our muscles organs, and brains with the
oxygen and nutrients needed to deal with stress and
anxiety. Flaxseed oil with lignans and fish oils which have
been filtered to remove heavy metals can provide us with
the essential fatty acids that we need for dealing with
stress and anxiety.

GABA i.e. Gamma-aminobutyric Acid, which is an amino acid,
effects the neuro-receptors in our brain. This helps us
deal with stress and anxiety by lowering over-reaction to
potentially stress causing stimuli and enables us to be
detached in an emotionally healthy way providing us with
the calmness and poise we need to deal efficiently and
effectively with what we are presented.

Herbs e.g. skull cap and passion flower can help us relax
and receive the rest and sleep that we need. L-tyrosine is
an essential amino acid often used to treat insomnia,
depression and anxiety as well as helping to control
appetite and elevate our mood. Melatonin and herbal
formulas are available to us to provide the restful,
restoring sleep we need in order to deal with anxiety and

Aromatherapy which is the use of aromas from plant
essential oils can be added to our baths, used in massage
oils, or released into our living space with aromatherapy
candles. As we inhale these aromas, they quickly reach our
brain and help provide us with feelings of calm and
relaxation. The aromatherapy essential oils that are most
effective in easing stress and anxiety are bergamot,
cypress, geranium, jasmine neroli, rose, sandalwood and
ylang-ylang. Lavender is the most popular essential oil
used to provide us with a feeling of calm and well being.

These are just a few of the all natural substances and
formulas available to us to help keep our bodies healthy as
we experience the stress and anxiety that accompanies our
too often hectic and prolonged stressful life experiences.
Other all natural formulas that increase the functioning of
our brains in the areas of attention, concentration and
performance are also available to us. Our bodies need
extra help in dealing with stress and anxiety. Cognitively
and emotionally we need breaks and periods of rest and
release from stress and anxiety. The safest, non-addictive
way to obtain the help we need for dealing with stress and
anxiety is with all natural health care products that do
not present the possibility of harmful side effects that
actually increase stress and anxiety.

About the Author:

Jenny has more than twenty years experience with all
natural health care products. More information about all
natural products for restoring and maintaining physical and
emotional health when experiencing stress,depression and
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