Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Miracle Solution To Depression

Prozac is a drug that everyone has at least heard of. Years ago
it was one of the only known drugs to treat depression and any
other behavioral disorder such as Obsessive compulsive Disorder,
Bulimia and even panic disorders. Most commonly though it is
used for depression and some forms of bipolar disorder.

Years ago, sufferers of depression were always the subject of a
lot of debate. No one wanted to admit that it was a real disease
and was could be caused by a chemical imbalance. For this reason
sufferers of depression never got help because it was viewed as
a weakness or an inability to cope with the everyday struggles
of life. Now doctors and critics of depression admit that it is
a real illness and can also be a recurring illness.

Prozac which is one of the world's most commonly prescribed
antidepressant has been around in the US since about 1987. The
reason why Prozac works so well is its ability to help correct
the chemical imbalance of serotonin. This is why Prozac is part
of the class of drugs called SSRIs or Selective Serotonin
Reuptake Inhibitors. Studies have shown that when the brain
produces too little serotonin, this affects mood regulation and
is more than likely a cause of depression.

Take caution though that when you begin taking Prozac do not
expect a miracle result right away. Sometimes it takes several
weeks to begin to feel the full benefit of Prozac. It is these
first few weeks that are crucial to remember to keep taking
Prozac. Some people will get discourage and think the Prozac is
not working and stop taking it. To feel the full effect of
Prozac is should be taken for at least a month.

Once a patient has been on it for a month, the next step is to
continue to take it for a few months after the symptoms of
depression have gone away. Prozac is not a cure for depression
and unfortunately there is a high risk always a 50% chance of
relapsing into depression. With each relapse, the chance of a
subsisquiently relapse increases. The mistake most patients make
with Prozac is that they begin to feel so normal that they
believe they are cured and stop taking Prozac before they
should. This usually brings on a relapse and the cycle returns.
Most doctors will recommend that Prozac be taken for at least a
year. Usually after that time, patients will meet with their
doctors to determine how to keep their depression at bay. Some
doctors might recommend continuing with Prozac while others
might recommend another form of therapy that does not require

Remember though that Prozac is not a cure for depression. The
only way it would cure depression is if a patient planned to be
on it for the rest of their lives and no doctor would want that.

Today's society is much more accepting of depression and Prozac
than they were nearly twenty years ago. There is no longer a
reason to hide or feel ashamed if one was prescribed Prozac.
Depression is a real problem and Prozac can really help it.

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