Saturday, December 03, 2011

Some Strategies Of Reducing Your Weight Can Actually Have Negative Consequences On Your Health

By Dashiell Morrison

Do you want to lose weight? There is a wealth of available information and you must pick one plan that appears reasonable to you. Slimming down by following a diet and doing exercise can be difficult, so it comes as no surprise to hear that people resort to very unsafe ways of losing weight. Most commonly, women are resorting to these risky methods as they feel pressured into being thin by society. It is more frequent for women to use these risky methods because of society's constant pressure to be thin. It's great to be a healthy weight, nevertheless observing these methods of weight loss will result in your overall health diminishing and you will become ill. Today I share some information that will help you understand these unsafe methods.

Many people opt to starve themselves when they are on the hunt for a quick weight loss fix and then they suffer from low energy levels due to not eating enough food. Some people choose to not eat breakfast, others skip lunch, and many choose to skip both meals. Even though your body is forcefully telling you that you're hungry and need food, you tell yourself mentally that you're not hungry. Your body is smart, however, and it can adjust. Because your body thinks it is being starved, it slows down the metabolism process in order to save energy, prompting you to burn less fat than you normally would. Regrettably, once you start to eat a normal diet again, your metabolism will continue to operate slowly, and you are apt to quickly put on more fat as you won't burn calories rapidly enough. While it is true that you can eliminate fat when you starve yourself, you will lose more weight by observing a regimen of sensible diet and exercise. Don't you believe it's better to be able to eat and lose weight while staying healthy?

Anorexia can be an outcome of you starving yourself. You start to be always scared that you will become overweight and so you fear food, eat as little as possible, and become perilously thin. Anorexia causes you to acquire a vulnerable immune system and can eventually cause death. Young people oftentimes experiment with starvation diets but, unfortunately, when you become obsessed with starving yourself, you can turn into an anorexic and do irreversible harm to your health.

Then, we have bulimia. Bulimic individuals regularly regurgitate after feeding on large amounts of food so that the calories will not add weight to their bodies. While bulimic's do not fear food such as anorexic's do, they regurgitate the food that they ingest because they feel ashamed for eating such large amounts. You can't tell if a person is a bulimic as their body weight doesn't vacillate too much, whereas with the other diets you can see people losing weight. Vomiting your food is tough on your body. It can have bad outcomes on your heart, liver and kidneys. Stomach ulcers may develop because of the routine vomiting of food. Your teeth and esophagus could likewise be ruined by the stomach acid. Acid bites and your throat is going to suffer. Nonstop puking of your food can cause terrible harm to your body.

The safest approach is to eat sensible portions of healthy foods. Try to keep the less healthy food out of your diet as much as possible and choose smaller portion sizes. It is possible to actually slim down without trying such unsafe methods.

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