Friday, July 11, 2008

Details on Depression

Imagine that you spent part of your summer helping your elderly parents move into an Assisted Care Facility due to their several physical and cognitive decline and lack of mobility. During the move, other siblings are quarreling with you and are sabotaging much of the work you've done. Your singular goal was to ensure your parents are safe and in the best environment given their conditions and age. Shortly thereafter you return to your job which is chaotic and dissatisfying under the best conditions and you are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, exhausted, and irritable. You are having sleepless nights due to worry, nightmares when you do sleep, and experience exhaustion at the start of the day as well as each evening after work. Do you consider yourself depressed? What's wrong? Let's see if you can be classified as depressed and if so what is the suggested treatment.

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