Monday, July 02, 2012

Quick And Easy Tips For Christians With Anxiety

By Laura Gallagher

Although victory is the ultimate claim of the true follower of Christ, there are numerous Christians with anxiety and other issues who are not coping well with the negative emotions that they are experiencing. There are quite a few things that can be done to get over these feelings and to start living freely again while experiencing a true sense of peace. Following are just a few tips for keeping your faith even when life's challenges have got you overwhelmed.

The most important than that a believe can do is to utterly immerse his or herself in God's word. If you wish to find comfort, this is where it is most likely to be found. It is also the best place to discover what God is trying to tell you personally.

Many people must remember that the Bible states that the word was with God and that the word was God. Hence, if there is anything that you feel like you want to hear from God, here is where you must look for it. You must, however, have a good translation of this book.

The purest rendering of this work in the English language is the King James version. There is both an old and new version of this rendition, however, readers should stick to the old one. This will allow for a pure stream of the intended message, absent of any misinterpretations.

When you read this text without letting someone else interprets its meaning for you, you will quickly notice that the life of the believer is by no means certain to be an easy one. In fact, some of the greatest biblical heroes were stoned to death, beheaded and hung. Understanding this, you can see how good decisions and deeds, even when weighted by tremendous faith, do not guarantee that you will live a good and comfortable life.

Conversely, having bad things happen to you does not mean that God hates you. Instead, it means that you are suffering the normal challenges of all those who have opted to take their lives in this direction. Christians with anxiety are often worried that they are despised by all that is good in the universe. In reality, however, they are simply discovering that this spiritual path is continually dogged by hardships, tribulations and affliction, but their heavenly rewards are assured.

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