Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are You Able To Prevent Memory Loss?

By Tim Ryan

Memory loss, to some extent, is a natural part of getting older. Although there are a few memory loss conditions that can't be stopped because of their hereditary nature, there are numerous methods to help keep your mind sharp while you get older to avoid or lessen normal memory loss due to old age.

Several actions you can take that may be able to help prevent loss of memory include:

Exercise - Regular exercise helps promote optimum brain health by increasing oxygen and blood circulation towards the brain, and in addition, it combats from conditions that can cause loss of memory such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Eat healthier - Foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that contain higher levels of anti-oxidants, B vitamins, and omega essential fatty acids all are believed to boost brain health.

Practice brain teasers - The mind should be worked out like every other part of the body to stay sharp and healthy. Trying to play games that make you think, like crosswords, Sudoku, word games, and also other mentally stimulating exercises will help keep the brain working well into later years.

Manage stress - The stress hormone known as cortisol is shown to affect the hippocampus, the part of the brain that processes memory, over a long time.

Acquire sufficient sleep - Sleep is really a needed part of memory consolidation, and sleep disorders like insomnia and apnea could cause distraction while conscious because of lack of restorative sleep.

Do not drink or smoke - Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol could cause harm to brain cells and make retaining and locating memories harder, aside from the other negative health issues they are able to lead to.

By practicing most of these suggestions, lots of people realize that they could effectively work against loss of memory, as well as improve their overall health and general well being no matter what their age is, old or young.

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