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Anxiety Attacks In Children - The Strategies and Info You Need To Know

By Bing Wang

Since anxiety attacks are so common, chances are that you've already experienced one without knowing it. Many adults fail to realize that their own children can also experience these episodes. Not only will such an event be traumatic for the parent, but also for the child. What follows is information that will keep you up to speed on anxiety attacks in children.

It's vital that you become familiar with these basics in order to help a child deal with panic attacks. Children can go through an anxiety attack for very different reasons than a grown-up would. Sometimes the fear of an impending attack is associated with going to this or that place. The possibility of experiencing such an episode when out in public is a frightening thought to a child.

There are many kinds of anxiety attacks in children that you should know about. Most children who suffer these attacks will suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. The key symptom to watch for is excessively worrying about different things either from the past, current events in the child's life, or the future. You will find children worry about beginning school, or maybe some other upcoming event, their friends or things that have happened already. The worry and concern can be uncontrolled.

A great way to help your kids survive this state is to teach them some techniques or therapy to relax. Get them to try and calm themselves down and even to speak their worries away. If you can't do that type of training, then you may consider getting professional help. The mental health pro's can train your kids the art of using positive self-talk instead of negative.

Another type of anxiety attacks in children is called "separation anxiety disorder." This is typical on the first day of school. When a child gets separated from their safety zone - their family - they can become beset with worry. If they're placed in a situation where they are uncomfortable, they may become anxious. This can occur if mom and dad leave for an evening, or perhaps if the parents leave on vacation.

To address the condition, simply talk to your kids and reassure them that all will be well. Help your kids to know that you'll be coming back soon, and that you love them. Though it may be difficult to do at first, training your kids to expect some time with you away is probably a good idea - leave once a week to get them used to it. Anxiety attacks in children happen more often than parents realize, but these tips should help to get them to cope with their fears.

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